This is a C++ library for argument typed Nth dimensional vectors and matrices as well as argument typed quaternions. This library has a focus on 3D mathematics.

I developed this project in college and it is no longer indicative of my code style or strengths. I did however spend a fair bit of time on it so it's kind of cool to look at. I'm no longer developing this project but it will live on as "Cre8 Math" a complete re-write with similar goals for my Cre8 engine that I'm developing silently in a private repository for indie games I'm working on now.

Project Description
Xoor Tools is an easy to use c++ tool set that includes useful functions to replace common macros, and an extensive math tool-set for 3D real-time developers.

This is a work in progress, but feel free to contact me at any time with suggestions or concerns.

-Jared Thomson (Xoorath)
C++/C# Developer

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